Internet Broadband Provider


Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is a premier broadband service provider.
See ReliaLink for UK and Prime Satellite Broadband for international.

Experience & Resources

With over 35 years in satellite systems and wireless communications including LTE (4G/5G) we bring excellence and experience to your business. Our focus is on results and excellent support.
We deliver the capability and resources to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible Internet broadband services. Whether you are in a rural or urban setting, need seure links or connect multiple sites to your network our ReliaLink (for UK) or Prime Satellite Broadband (International) will deliver.

PSC - 35+
Over 35 Years Experience

In Front of the Curve

As technology advances we need to stay ahead to have the best broadband available. What is available today at your location, what the future promises and, most importantly, what your needs are will determine what we provide. We have a service to offer wherever you are located. We continually monitor available technology and future developments. Whether you need broadband for a single location or multiple sites, in the UK or internationally we can supply.

We can add value to your business through:

  • Reliable, fast broadband wherever you are
  • Best of industry customer support including local network
  • Pooled data to optimise multiple site costs
  • Secure links on Private APN as part of your own network
  • Ensure rural home workers have best service available
  • Backup services for highest link availability
  • International operation where required

Customer Support

Prime Satcom provides best of industry customer support services to your home or business which goes further than the rest. We will support you even for issues outside the broadband link to ensure you quickly restore service.