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Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd, located in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK, was established in 2003 by Tareq Khamis to provide strategic, sales and project management consulting services to any business focused on satellite communications. Satellite broadband services are also provided through the Prime Satellite Broadband division.

Our services generate the results required with the least risk to our clients. We firmly believe in rewards by success. Resource and capability gaps open up when new business ventures or growth targets are established to win potential opportunities.

Prime Satcom objectives are to fill these resource and capability gaps to the satellite communications community while sharing the risks that are faced.

Prime Satcom Consulting Launch Through Prime Satcom, businesses can start new projects, attack new markets and push for growth without needing to increase head counts or divert resources from other critical areas in the early stages.

Our reputation comes from our experience in the satellite industry, from managing large complex projects to launching and implementing new sales strategies. See our Testimonials.

Whether you are a satellite terminal manufacturer, satellite service provider or business looking to use satellite communications, Prime Satcom are your answer to ensure your venture succeeds and adds the promised value you expect.

See our capabilities.

We welcome your interest and comments and look forward to working successfully with you.

Please contact us and provide feedback.

Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is the key critical success factor for your business

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