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Consulting Services

Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd can provide a variety of consulting services to suit your requirements.

We provide the capabilities required to create new value through sales and project delivery.

Services include:

  • Sales Strategy Creation and Implementation

    • Selling Satellite Communication equipment or services into new markets
    • Building sale teams and focusing to deliver against objectives
    • Writing sales strategy plans

  • Sales Management

    • Delivering satellite communication sales into specified markets or regions
    • Sales representation for satellite equipment or service companies and products
    • Manage resellers and distributors in specified regions

  • Project Management

    • Manage one-off projects with a significant satellite communication component
    • Provide expertise to satellite communication parts of projects where in-house knowledge is insufficient for delivery requirements
    • Provide independent project reviews and implement project recovery procedures

  • Specification Generation and Evaluation

    • Requirements analysis for satellite communication and hybrid networks
    • Produce Tender documentation for satellite communication and hybrid networks
    • Evaluate bids submitted during the tender process
    • Cost and risk analysis of proposed solutions

  • System Design and Application Engineering

    • System integration for specialist applications
    • Producing hybrid satellite/wireless network solutions
    • Testing applications over satellite networks

Satellite Broadband Service Provision Prime Satellite Broadband

Prime Satcom Consulting have formed partnerships with some key players in the satellite service provisioning market, including Orbit Research Ltd, to form the Prime Satellite Broadband division. Prime Satellite Broadband will operate independantly from Prime Satcom Consulting to provide high quality, reliable two-way satellite broadband service in the UK, Ireland and other parts of the world.

Prime Satellite Broadband provides satellite broadband services throughout the world. Services can be provided through the Skylogic DStar satellite broadband service; direct point-to-point links; or full network systems controlled by the client or Prime Satellite Broadband as required.

Market Dynamics

The main emphasis of modern networks is broadband. As applications become more data hungry with the spread of the Internet, access to broadband services is driving up demand for ADSL and cable like services.

It is still many years, possibly decades, before fibre optic links to the home become a reality. Two-way satellite broadband ADSL like services provide the best solution for businesses that are unable to obtain broadband access in any other way. Satellite/wireless solutions provide an economical means for small communities to get broadband services quickly without waiting for terrestrial ADSL or cable services (which may never come).

Satellite Communications has seen a dramatic fall in prices in recent years. New technologies and open standards promise to deliver lower prices still. With this growth, satellite equipment will start to see the volumes that allow the same economies of scale seen in other electronic industries. Prices will fall again until satellite services may be economically located in cable and ADSL heartlands.

However, satellite communications will always be a niche sector of telecommunications as a whole. Thus the complete commoditisation of satellite communication equipment and services may never occur, but certainly it will be very close to this. With Prime Satcom you can find the best solutions to sell to the market or knowledgably select suppliers to meet your broadband needs.

The market dynamics open many new markets and opportunities for growth. To win, cost and risks need to be minimised and experience brought in from the beginning

Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd is the key critical success factor for your business

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