What We Do

Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd can provide a variety of broadband services to suit your requirements.

Broadband in the UK

  • Provide Home Broadband via mobile LTE or satellite in the UK.
  • Provide Business Broadband via mobile or satellite in the UK.
  • Provide Broadband backup services in the UK.
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Broadband Internationally

  • Provide broadband via mobile LTE or satellite to homes outside the UK
  • Provide broadband via mobile LTE or satellite to businesses outside the UK
  • Provide broadband backup services outside the UK
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Multi-site Broadband at lowest cost

  • Provide aggregate 4G LTE mobile services for many sites in UK and internationally
  • Provide fixed pooled data to share across many sites in UK and internationally
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Fixed IPs and Private APNs

  • Fixed Public IPs available for both satellite and mobile LTE Broadband
  • Private APN on multi-network LTE eSIMs in UK and internationally
  • Combined Private APN and multi-site/device aggregation of data for low costs
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Industry-leading Customer Support

  • Reliability and customer satisfaction is more than the broadband service itself.
  • The broadband link is just a small part of the Internet and applications.
  • Our customer support is led by engineers and we go further than the broadband link supporting local networks and rmote server access.
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UK / International


4G LTE Mobile



Broadband Service Provision

Prime Satcom Consulting have formed partnerships with some key players in the Mobile and satellite service provisioning market, including Bentley Walker and Jola Cloud Solutions, to form the ReliaLink and  Prime Satellite Broadband division. ReliaLink focuses on the UK market while Prime Satellite Broadband focuses on the international market to provide high quality, reliable broadband services in the UK and other parts of the world.


Market Dynamics

Technology moves fast and it can seem hard to keep up. This is no different in the broadband world and the need to be connected wherever you are is more important today than ever before.

Internet connectivity to buildings (home or business) has improved with more access to fast fibre links, however, this is not the only requirement today. If reliability is important, then there is a need for a different Internet access technology to back up the fibre link when it goes down. For businesses this can be critical and expensive when it happens, and second links quickly pay their way providing near 100% connectivity. The link must be separate from the Fibre and cabinet-based links that tend to go to the nearest point-of-presence (POP). When one goes down all provider fibre links go down. The mobile LTE services usually have separate POPs from the fibre networks and satellite provides geographical separation so keeps you connected even when a regional disaster occurs.

Today and increasingly in the future people require connectivity on the move – PDAs, in vehicles, moving assets, etc. or the need to monitor unmanned sites or rural areas not reached by the cable networks. Here wireless technologies of mobile LTE and satellite broadband come into their own. The coverage of mobile networks has steadily increased so that most places are covered, but ultimately satellite provides connectivity where it proves impossible to use any other means.

Technologies are improving this access with the advent of 5G for mobile networks and the soon to be launched Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite systems. Both these technologies promise high fibre like speeds available anywhere and we can finally say that we have virtually 100% coverage in the UK and later worldwide. LEO satellite systems promise coverage in even the most remote locations such as Antarctica and the Sahara dessert. These technologies will greatly enhance the capabilities and availability to connect all kinds of devices in the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) market.

Prime Satcom Consulting is ready today to supply to today’s and the future markets. Our capabilities go beyond the technologies for Internet access. We can integrate services to support multi-sites and multi-networks for the best cost benefit and efficiency while being flexible for growth and to move with the technology. We are 100% customer focused and provide to requirements, not limits of product portfolios. We can provide secure links to single or multiple sites with fixed public IPs and Private APN implementations. We provide systems that can work across borders and in most countries in the world. Ultimately, this is all brought together by providing customer support from engineers, not call centre staff and we will support customers beyond the broadband links that we supply to keep our customers connected.

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