What We Do

Prime Satcom Consulting Ltd can provide a variety of consulting services to suit your requirements.

Satellite Telecommunications

  • Advise best satellite services for requirements.
  • Identify coverage and best value client satellite services.
  • Recommend best satellite delivery technology and satellites.
  • Advise and train support staff for satellite service delivery
  • Satellite as a backup service recomendations

LTE Broadband Services

  • Advise best provider and LTE equipment for client services
  • Integrate secure network services using LTE mobile equipment
  • Recommend best value LTE services with required quality of service
  • Using LTE as backup to fibre connections

International Broadband Recommendations

  • Recommend how best to serve multiple international broadband sites
  • Advise on how to keep costs down for international broadband services
  • International satellite service provision – legal and regulatory issues

Business Consultancy

  • Assist in creating realistic business cases
  • Developing and writing business plans
  • Assist in identifying the right staff for new businesses
  • Reviewing business status and identifying improvements

Project Management and Training

  • Assist in project planning as leader or part of a team
  • Train key staff to ensure good project plan delivery
  • Write a project plan and schedule based on requirements
  • Crisis management – review a project that seems to be off-track

UK / International Business/Project Planning and Delivery

4G/5G LTE Mobile Network Recommendations

Satellite Site and Network Recommendations

Satellite and LTE Broadband Consultancy

Prime Satcom Consulting consultants have worked in the satellite and LTE (4G/5G) markets for over 35 years and have acquired best of industry knowledge that we are able to provide to you. Our knowledge is both technical and business related so you will get the best of both. We understand what is available today and will be available in the future and can advise on which meets your business needs.

Market Dynamics

Technology moves fast and it can seem hard to keep up. This is no different in the broadband world and the need to be connected wherever you are is more important today than ever before.

Internet connectivity to buildings (home or business) has improved with more access to fast fibre links, however, this is not the only requirement today. If reliability is important, then there is a need for a different Internet access technology to back up the fibre link when it goes down. For businesses this can be critical and expensive when it happens, and second links quickly pay their way providing near 100% connectivity. The link must be separate from the Fibre and cabinet-based links that tend to go to the nearest point-of-presence (POP). When one goes down all provider fibre links go down. The mobile LTE services usually have separate POPs from the fibre networks and satellite provides geographical separation so keeps you connected even when a regional disaster occurs.

Today and increasingly in the future people require connectivity on the move – PDAs, in vehicles, moving assets, etc. or the need to monitor unmanned sites or rural areas not reached by the cable networks. Here wireless technologies of mobile LTE and satellite broadband come into their own. The coverage of mobile networks has steadily increased so that most places are covered, but ultimately satellite provides connectivity where it proves impossible to use any other means.

Technologies are improving this access with the advent of 5G for mobile networks and the new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite systems. Both these technologies promise high fibre like speeds available anywhere and we can finally say that we have virtually 100% coverage in the UK and later worldwide. LEO satellite systems promise coverage in even the most remote locations such as Antarctica and the Sahara dessert. These technologies will greatly enhance the capabilities and availability to connect all kinds of devices in the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) market.

It is a complex situation and Prime Satcom Consulting can help you find the best way forward. Besides the technological aspects, there are also issues of security, network integration and what fits your business needs best.

Business Planning ind Implementation

Prime Satcom Consulting staff have experience in building business plans and implementation. Whether you need assistance in developing a plan or running a project to implement that plan, we have the experience to know what works and what does not while listening to what your requirements are. While our main experience is in telecommunications, our business knowledge can be transferred to other areas. We can integrate the technical knowledge you have into the business planning and impementation you require.

Ultimately, you do not need to go to a large consultancy organisation, paying high rates and maybe getting a junior, green consultant trapped in a fixed corporation methodology. Many technologies are moving fats and these large corporations, like ocean liners, are not bale to change and adapt to the new challenges. Prime Satcom Consulting work differently and at very competitive rates. Contact us and find what we can deliver for you.

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